Ok, so let’s get down to business. If you’re wanting a wild night out then nothing compares to Newcastle.

Sure, there are the standard classics such as Ibiza, Vegas & Berlin but one thing is for sure, Newcastle is cheaper, more musically diverse and we are ultimately friendlier. There is something for everyone, every single night of the week and what better place to start than here to organising your pure belta night oot on the toon

Where to go
This one’s up for debate so we’ll give you the low down so you’re not standing there freezing your ****’s off on a street corner, watching everyone else having fun.

Geordies are naturally friendly so just ask someone to point you in the right direction, it is, of course, a great way of breaking the ice and asking them to take you under their wing, but if that’s not your style then here you go.

Busy & Expensive
Someone, somewhere coined Collingwood Street as the “Diamond Strip” and it’s been called that for years. It has an array of upmarket bars catering for all ages. It’s a stone’s throw from Central Station so not a bad place to be if you need to catch a train.

You can walk from one end of the street in approx 30 seconds

Start off in Revolution early doors (Free Entry) and work your way along, next door is Madame Koos, Florita’s and then Perdu. Bijoux is across the road and Tup Tup Palace will welcome you with open arms until it shuts around 3 am.

Its a busy part of town especially on a Saturday night. Most of the bars will charge an entrance fee so it might be worthwhile checking them out first before squandering your money on entry just to walk back out after one drink.

Mature – GIN!
If you want to stay away from the selfie generation, Geordie Shore wannabes and 18-year-olds then head to Grey Street. A great place to start is with a cocktail overlooking Monument at The Botanist before walking down Grey Street (voted best street in Britain) checking in at Harry’s Bar, Pleased to meet you, Bar Luga, Dacuntus and Lelia Lily’s.

Newcastle doesn’t have to be all short skirts, posh selfies and Pornstar Martinis. It has a brilliant alternative scene and the best place to mosh it out has to be one of the original places in Newcastle, Trillians. Located in Princess Square it has long been the place to go for Metal, Punk and Rock lovers for generations. They have bands on almost every night of the week, you can check them out here or buy tickets in advance here.

If you’re after something a little less hard then the O2 academy will almost certainly cater to your inner Ian Brown. With huge acts playing on a monthly basis it’s worth checking out here if someone like Sam Fender is checking in when you’re in town.

Chilled, Real Ale
Newcastle’s best kept drinking secret is definitely the Ouseburn Valley. Situated only a mile to the east of the city, this area is both tranquil, laid back and provides some of the best views (and beers gardens) of our glorious bridges.

This is a real ale drinkers paradise with something for everyone in a friendly, laid back oasis of lushness. Play pool and unwind at The Tanners, take a seat by the fire in The Ship, go to a gig at The Cluny, dissect the week by the river at The Tyne Bar and then stagger up the stairs to the Cumberland Arms and partake in some singing with the locals. But our top tip (especially on a sunny day) is to sip a nice cold one in the Free Trade Inn beer garden and watch the sunset over arguably the best view in the city.

Dress Code
Like everywhere else, there is a dress code. The chances of a group of 10 lads already 6 pints in wearing Stone Island isn’t going to go down well with the local doormen. As long as you’re smartly dressed you can get away with trainers.

It is worth mentioning that there is a lack of cloakrooms in Newcastle. The simple reason is that there is no point, nobody wears a coat. Suck it up buttercup, have a Jager Bomb.

What to drink
Anything and everything is on offer in Newcastle, so if you know what you like then we’ll make it. But since you’re wondering, compliment your taste buds with a Geordie Bomb, a shot of Jagermeister surrounded by our beloved Newcastle Brown Ale.

If you’re hanging out in the places to be then the chances are you’ll be paying a premium. Pints range from approx £3.00 to £6.00 and double’s with mixers from £5.00 – £10.00

Some places will have an entry fee after a certain time. These range throughout the week from £3.00 – £9.00

Stag & Hens
Depending on how long you’re here, it’s worth checking out or guides for stags and hens.

Geordie Shore
Believe it or not, Geordie Shore has become a worldwide success and so some people want to retrace the steps of their beloved Geordies by drinking in the same places, hoping to rock up and play agony aunt to Charlotte and Gaz.

If that’s your thing then start off at Bijoux, stagger down to the Empress and end the night in Tup Tup Palace. Just please, no wetting your knickers.

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