Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of Europe's most visited destinations and why wouldn't it be? It's rich in history, its scenic and it's so much more relaxed than other cities. A city home to over 800,000 bikes weaving throughout its narrow streets and picturesque canals, Amsterdam is sure to leave you exhilarated on so many levels.

What to see?

Amsterdam is steaming in history, art lovers must visit the Rijksmuseum where a collection containing more than 2,000 paintings from the Dutch Golden Age is on show. These include works by Rembrandt (The Night Watch, 1642), Jacob van Ruisdael (Landscape with Waterfall, 1600s), Johannes Vermeer (The Milkmaid, 1658) and Frans Hals (Portrait of a young couple, 1622) plus many more.

The Van Gogh Museum is not only one of the most popular museums in Amsterdam but is also one of the most famous throughout the world. It houses the largest collection of works by Vincent Van Gogh including more than 200 paintings including the series “Sunflowers (1888), 500 drawings, and 700 of his personal letters.

One of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House located on Prinsengracht. It is a biographical museum dedicated to the wartime diarist Anne Frank who hid from Nazi persecution for 2 years before her capture with her family in hidden rooms. You will be able to follow in her footsteps, see her bedroom, and the annex which was concealed by a moveable bookcase. The family was betrayed and on the 4th August 1944, they were captured and were deported to various concentration camps throughout Europe. Only her father Otto Frank survived. If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam and have never read her diary The Diary of a Young Girl then we recommend it before your visit.

Amsterdam is also home to an estimated XXX coffee shops and attracts visitors from all over the world. Dutch laws XX cannabis as a soft drug and so relaxed laws mean that you can enjoy XXsmoke or cakeXX in a laid back culture. You can find more information regarding what to expect, advice and tips and a list of trustworthy coffee shops to visit in our guide The TotalGuide to Coffee Shops in Amsterdam.

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Things to do?

Finding things to do in any city can be hard, scrolling through hundreds out websites trying to find out what to do is an endless task. Why not check out our TotalGuide to things to do in Amsterdam?

Think of Amsterdam and you probably think of canals. Take a canal cruise and chill out whilst winding through and under Amsterdams UNESCO heritage routes. Helpful guides will keep you informed throughout your journey highlighting landmarks on the way. Take a canal cruise at night and leisurely ride through the Red Light District seeing the oldest part of Amsterdam lit up with thousands of red lights. Or if you’re thinking of making your canal cruise more romantic, why not book a candlelit dinner cruise and make it extra special?

Get on 2 wheels and explore the city on 2 wheels. We recommend beating the ques and prebooking your bike ensuring your time is spent exploring. If you don’t feel confident riding throughout the streets then head to Vondelpark, a XX green open space.

Why not visit the biggest flea market in the world, here you will be able to find XXXX amongst other things. You can spend hours here and when you’re done, take a well deserved break at XXXX.

The oldest part of Amsterdam is XXX where the Red Light District (De Wallen) is located. It gets busy at night but it is certainly an eye-opener. Why not find out more about the Red Light District at the Red Light District Museum?

Once the sun sets its time to get ready and head out. There are some great places to have a drink, try XXXXXXX. Amsterdam’s quirkiness really shines bright in unusual bars such as XXXXX. Amsterdam is also home to XXXX, check out Paradiso and our TotalGuide to Nightlife in Amsterdam for more inspiration.

After a day’s exploring, you’ll need to refuel but don’t worry, we have you covered. We have TotalGuides for food on the go, budget restaurants, fine dining, and of course restaurants for those special occasions.

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Getting here

Amsterdam is home to one of the largest airports in the world (Schiphol Airport). The flag carrier and largest airline is KLM and you can find flights here.

High-speed trains also run to Amsterdam Centraal Station from all over Europe. You can buy tickets to Amsterdam from Paris, Brussels, London, and Berlin plus many more. Click here to find tickets

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Getting Around

Finding your way around Amsterdam is easy. You can hire a bike, walk or ride on the trams.

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When to visit?


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