Kyiv, Ukraine

There is a new dawn happening in Kyiv, where post soviet gloom has given way to a proud, rich culture and history, flamboyant architecture and Europe's greenest city. Forget the stereotypes and dive straight in

Getting to Kyiv


Kyiv is home to not one but two airports. Zhuliany Airport (IEV) is closer to the city centre (13km) and will take around 26 minutes by bus, car or taxi. Kyiv Borispil (KBP) is where almost all international flights land and depart and is located 35km from the city centre taking around 45 minutes by bus car or taxi.

Cheap flights are available from within Europe with low cost airline carriers Wizz, Vueling, LOT & Pegasus all flying to Kyiv.

Although there are bus transfers and trains connecting the airports to the city centre, it is recommended you book a taxi in advance. We say this because the trains and busses are unreliable and we have been known to have sat on a bus at the airport for over an hour because “it wasn’t full”.

Luckily, taxi’s are very cheap and Uber also operates within Kyiv. Check your network charges for using data in Ukraine though as wi-fi is sporadic throughout the arrivals terminal.

Kyiv Zhuliany Airport

You can take a minibus (Marshrutka) or trolley bus from Kyiv Zhuliany Airport to the city centre in around 25 minutes from outside terminals A and D with tickets costing ₴8.00 ($0.28), you can buy them from the driver.

You can take a metro from Kyiv Zhuliany costing ₴16.00 ($0.58) however this includes a transfer by bus part way through the journey.

Kyiv Borispil

The Kyiv Boryspil Express train runs twice per hour between Kyiv Borispil and Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi station in the city centre. Train tickets cost ₴80.00 ($2.87) for adults and ₴60.00 ($2.16) for children, these are available from the ticket machines in Terminal D and at the train stations in Kyiv.

Visitors can also catch the Sky Bus from outside terminal D with tickets costing ₴100.00 ($3.60) for a single or return for ₴200.00 ($7.19). The bus operates 24 hours per day and travel time is approximately 1 hour.


Visitors arriving via train will arrive at Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi Station. Everyday over 170,000 passengers travel through this station making it the busiest in Ukraine. You can connect to Kyiv’s metro network from here as well as catch a bus or hail a taxi.

You can travel to Kyiv by train from most European cities however you will need to transfer via Berlin, Warsaw or Vienna. (Affiliate Company) are a reliable and trustworthy company for booking train tickets throughout Eastern Europe.

If you are travelling throughout Europe by train, it may be cheaper to purchase an Interrail pass.


You can travel to Ukraine via ferry from Turkey to Chornomorsk and Romania to Orlivka, the closest port being Chornomorsk which is 494km from Kyiv.

Get all the information you need for your trip to Kyiv by checking out our Planning a Trip to Kyiv guide. 

Top Attractions in Kyiv

Ancient literature points to Kyiv as the Motherland to Russia, which seems surprising to many as it holds no political power over the largest country on earth. However, in 1981, Kyiv unveiled a stunning 335ft statue called the Motherland Monument and it is a prominent fixture on the Kyiv skyline. A trip to the Motherland Monument can also be coincided with a visit to the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War.

Another popular attraction is located 100km north of Kyiv in the town of Chernobyl. The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster which occurred in April 1986 is a fascinating yet sombre insight into the largest nuclear fallout ever recorded. Tours will take visitors to within 500m of reactor number 4 and you will be able to explore the ghost city of Pripyat, once home to more than 49,000 people. 

The Kyiv Monastery of the Caves (Kyivo-Pechers’ka Lavra) is a historic orthodox Christian monastery dating back to 1051 which, along with Saint Sophia Cathedral was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1996. This is an active monastery with over a 100 monks living and working within the site. The main attraction is the caves themselves where there are over 100 burials of Ukrainian saints including Pope Clement I. Foreign travellers in the 16th-17th Century claimed the catacombs reach as far as Moscow, some 755km away.

For a complete list of things to do in Kyiv and how to book tickets and tours, check out our TotalGuide to Things to do in Kyiv guide

Places to Stay in Kyiv

There are around 250 hotels in Kyiv so finding somewhere to rest your weary legs after a day exploring this majestic city won’t be hard.

Whether you’re wanting a cheap room in a hostel or a suite overlooking Independence Square, then we have you covered.

We’ve already compiled a list of trustworthy and reputable hotel rooms to suit every budget, so you can rest assured that not only are you getting value for money, but you’ll be in a clean, centrally located hotel with amenities to suit your budget.

It is also worth considering staying in rented apartments, they are incredibly popular in Kyiv and are sometimes much cheaper than hotels.

For a list of our hand picked hotels in Kyiv to suit every budget then head over to A TotalGuide to Hotels in Kyiv

Getting Around Kyiv

Getting around Kyiv is cheap and easy although we’d recommend downloading Google Translate as the Kyiv transport system maps are largely in Ukrainian and have very little English translation. This will help you when needing to plan your route around the city.

Kyiv is accessible by Metro, Taxi’s, Busses and of course by walking. Uber operates in Kyiv too which is simple and convenient if you already have it set up. If not then click here and get a money off voucher.

For more information about all the ways to get around Kyiv and which Metro stations will leave your jaw on the floor then head over to our Getting Around Kyiv section.

Best Time to Visit Kyiv

In Kyiv, the summers are warm, partly cloudy with some rain showers. The winters are long, freezing, dry and windy.

The best times to visit Kyiv are either side of summer in either May, June or September as temperatures are cooler than the summer months and it’s not overcrowded with tourists.

The summer months can be wet but are warm with average temperatures reaching 26°C in August. Winters in Ukraine are bitterly cold so pack accordingly.

For more information on yearly weather charts and daily weather updates in Kyiv, click here.

What’s on in Kyiv

Planning a trip to Kyiv is exciting and so when you do, you may want to find out what is happening in Kyiv during your break or even plan your trip around a key event. Either way this cool city has a social calendar that is just as good as other major European cities, so why not hang out with the locals or enjoy International shows during your visit?

From concerts and gigs to exhibitions and football matches, our What’s On Kyiv section is updated daily to keep you in the loop

Nightlife in Kyiv

Kyiv is famous for its luxury nightclubs, cool bars and beautiful ladies, and with the average price of a cocktail costing ₴200.00 ($7.00).

From craft beer to sophisticated cocktails, boozy boat cruises to underground raves, every weekend has plenty on offer.

If you’re big on cocktails, Kyiv is one of the best places in Eastern Europe to sample creative concoctions. Many of the cocktail bars in Kyiv have a unique slant or a tongue-in-cheek theme.

Don’t plan a night out without reading our updated Kyiv Nightlife Guide 2021. Here you will find all the best places to drink, what to wear and what you should expect to pay

Food in Kyiv

Although Kyiv isn’t renowned for its world class culinary menus, it shouldn’t stop you from delving into local culture and allowing your palette to sample some of Ukraine’s beautiful food, it is also some of the most affordable.

Ukrainian dishes are generously flavoured (with garlic often the main seasoning) and, despite the contradictory tastes being used, come together in a harmonious blend.

Some of the most popular dishes you should try on your trip are Borsch, a hot beetroot soup, Varenyky which is a dumpling filled with cottage cheese, mashed potatoes or even pumpkin and Holubtsi which is a roll filled with boiled rice and meat.

Quick food, good food or food with a view? Find inspiration and check out Kyiv’s best eateries in our Kyiv Restaurant Guide 2021 or find restaurants in our food section.

Kyiv Travel Information

Sometimes we often overlook really important information when booking a trip but don’t worry we have compiled a Kyiv Travel Information Guide to help you tick off the boring but vitally important information needed to get to and navigate around Kyiv safely.


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