Amsterdam, Netherlands

Don’t chance the rush hour traffic or disrupted services when you actually get here. Plan ahead to make “doing Amsterdam” a breeze.

What is the best way to get around Amsterdam? That’s easy, bike. With over 800,000 bikes in the city see Amsterdam like the locals do and get on 2 wheels. Cyclists have the right of way in most parts of this city and getting on two wheels will not only keep you fit but allow you to see more in less time. You can rent a bike here.

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The Amsterdam tram network is one of the largest in Europe so getting to and from in this beautiful city couldn’t be easier. It’s a good idea to plan ahead because the trams as they are priced on time rather than distance. You have to check in and check out on each tram with the validator onboard. You can buy a ticket for an hour for €3.20 or 24 hours for €8.00. a 48-hour weekend ticket costs €13.50. Click here to buy tram tickets

Walking is a fantastic way to see the city, you’ll see things off the beaten track, be able to stroll through a UNESCO World Heritage Site at your pleasure. Amsterdam’s canal ring is something of beauty and is unique throughout the world, it played a major part in it’s Golden Age.

Taxis operate in the city centre and surrounding areas too. If you need to prebook a taxi, click here