Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Getting to Amsterdam

KLM is the main flag carrier for the Netherlands and provides both long and short-haul flights usually to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, other smaller or budget airlines may fly into other regional airports within The Netherlands so check which airline operates and from where. Get the best deal on flights to Amsterdam We’ve found that flying into a regional airport such as Eindhoven and then travelling by train or bus to Amsterdam is cheaper, however it will add another 2 hours on top of your trip.

If you’re arriving to Schiphol Airport then getting into the city centre is straight forward. The NS train will take you from the airport to Centraal Station in around 15-20 minutes. You will have to buy a ticket from within the terminal and there are machines all over. It will cost around 6 euro’s but be careful, you won’t need a season ticket and you won’t be allowed to use any rail discount passes that aren’t covered within the Netherlands. Also, be mindful that some of these trains have silent carriages meaning those in groups or with children may want to avoid them.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead, check what time you land as taxis to Amsterdam centre will cost in excess of €50.00

If you are travelling by train then you will arrive at Centraal Station which is the main rail hub in Amsterdam. Depending on which hotel you choose (see below) and what time you arrive, you will more than likely have to get a tram or taxi to your hotel. If staying close by to Centraal Station is a priority then check out The Hotel Ibis, DoubleTree Amsterdam or Art’otel Amsterdam.

Where to stay?

There are over 500 hotels in Amsterdam so finding which one suits you all comes down to a few simple choices.

If museums and a steady dose of culture is your thing then we’d recommend XXXX. It’s location is within walking distance of the XXX, XXX and XXmuseums. This part of Amsterdam is XXXXX and boasts some of the best canals for an afternoon stroll.

The luxury option would have to include staying at XXX or XXX. They are the top hotels in the city XXXXX

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The cannabis culture in Amsterdam is undeniably vibrant, this tabboo is very much tolerated here. If you’re coming here to enjoy a smoke then why not stay above a coffee shop. XXX and XXX are both very popular with the “wakers & bakers”. Another good spot for those who want a smoke but don’t want to be in it 24/7 is XXX it’s still within walking distance but is on the fringes of the centre making it more chilled. Why not check out our smoke friendly packages? You can find out more by taking a look at The TotalGuide to Cannabis Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

What to see?

History buffs will be in their element, retrace the steps of Anne Frank in the house she lived in whilst hiding from the Nazi’s occupation of Amsterdam in XXXX. Pre booking tickets is a must as Anne Franks Huis is a very popular attraction and you can expect to queue for at least 1 hour.

No visit to Amsterdam is complete without a visit to the museums of The Netherlands finest XXX artists. Works of Rembrandt (Rembrandt Museum), Van Gogh (Van Gogh Museum) and XX are xxx Moco Museum Stedeljik Museum, rijks museum

You may have drank Heineken before but have you seen how it’s made? Take a XX tour of the XXX year old brewery which exports it’s famous lager to XX countries throughout the world. Or take a laid back approach and visit the IJ Brewery xxxx

Two things that are synonmous to The Netherlands are windmills, Tulips and Cheese. You can vist XXX windmills at XXX. Tulips can be bought in XXX and if you want to see the fields in which they are grown then head to XXX. The most famous cheeses in holland are XX and XX they can be bought in most supermarkets but for a unique experience why not visit XX

Diamonds are certaintly a girls best friend, but if you’d like to get up and personal at a real diamond factory then head over to XXX. Koh i Noor

Dam Square is XXXXX you’ll also be able to visit The Royal Palace whilst youre there too.

What to do?

Canal Cruises

9 streets

Jordaan Area


flea market


Relaxed cannabis laws throughout the Netherlands means weed is tolerated. It is part of the culture of Amsterdam and you wont be out of place taking part in this recreational drug whilst on your visit. We reccomend visiting authorised coffee shops only, you can find out more information and which ones to visit in our guide The TotalGuide to Cannabis Coffee Shops in Amsterdam.

Body Worlds

Rooftop Bars – sunset (A’dam Lookout)

After dark Amsterdam’s Red Light Districts comes to life, the most famous is De Wallen. It is a warren of medievil alleyways stretching over three canals and houses some 400 working girls. You will also find sex shops, sex theatres and peep shows in this area. For more information or to book a tour check out our TotalGuide to Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Nightlife – Paradiso, Concertgebouw, De School, Lidesplein, Di Pip?
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Getting Around

Bike. End of
But seriously, for a city with over 800,000 bikes, it would be rude not too. Cyclists have the right of way in most parts of this city and getting on two wheels will not only keep you fit but allow you to see more in less time. You can rent a bike here.

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The Amsterdam tram network is one of the largest in Europe so getting to and from in this beautiful city couldn’t be easier. It’s a good idea to plan ahead because the trams as they are priced on time rather than distance. You have to check in and check out on each tram with the validator onboard. You can buy a ticket for an hour for €3.20 or 24 hours for €8.00. a 48-hour weekend ticket costs €13.50. Click here to buy tram tickets

Walking is a fantastic way to see the city, you’ll see things off the beaten track, be able to stroll through a UNESCO World Heritage Site at your pleasure. Amsterdam’s canal ring is something of beauty and is unique throughout the world, it played a major part in it’s Golden Age.

Taxis operate in the city centre and surrounding areas too. If you need to prebook a taxi, click here

Where to eat?

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