Kyiv, Ukraine


Getting around Kiev in a taxi is very popular with tourists because it is very cheap. Kiev has a large number of taxi companies with different levels of service and experience. On average, moving across the city will cost you around $2-$4. Unlike in many other countries, taxi drivers in Ukraine do not expect tips.

Most travellers will be familiar with Uber, who entered the Kiev market in 2016. It is super easy to use, however some of the cars may not be what you expect.

You can also use Uklon which is another booking app with the option of paying your driver in cash at your destination.

Most hotels will be able to book taxis for you, however, you might want to clarify the price before booking. Very little English is spoken by taxi drivers so it is paramount that you write down or explain where you need to be before the journey begins.

You can also hail a taxi in Kiev but this is not the best option. Foreigners are expected to pay double the price so it is worth agreeing to a price before you leave and asking them to put the meter on (if they have one). Be careful where you hail a taxi too, hot spots next to popular attractions, clubs, restaurants etc will almost always end up in travellers being ripped off.

Your best bet is to download the Uber app.


The Kiev Metro is one of the cheapest, most reliable and the fastest means of public transport in the city. It is also home to the deepest underground station in Europe (Arsenalna Metro Station) which is buried 105.5 meters underground.

There are three metro lines (M1, M2 & M3) they all go through the city centre. This is a great way of exploring the city. Maps in Metro stations are translated in English and it’s easy to navigate the metro network in Kiev. Every station is announced by speakers as well as on screens.

Metro’s run from 06:00 – 24:00 and they run from 1-3 minutes at peak times until 21:00 when they run every 5 minutes and every 10 minutes after 23:00

The price for a single ticket is $0.27 and they are called Zheton’s, it is the cheapest ticket in Europe. It is valid for one trip no matter how far you go.

Tickets are bought from the “Kasa” or cash desks at the entrance to most stations. You can buy cards to top up as you enjoy your holiday.

The metro stations in Kiev are aesthetically pleasing, one of the most famous is Zoloti Vorota which is decorated with beautiful mosaics of historical figures from Ukraine’s past, don’t be surprised to see the odd chandelier either.


All areas not covered by the Metro can be reached by either Bus, Trolley Bus or Tram. If you want to get familiar with the network, download the Easyway app. This will allow you to figure out the best way of getting to your chosen destination on the extensive Kiev transport network.

It’s easy to pay for your ticket. The simplest way is to pay the driver or conductor. You can of course buy then in kiosks located throughout the city. Don’t forget to validate your ticket either onboard. Failure to buy a ticket results in a UAH60 fine ($2.15)

The downside of using this method of transport is that it can be incredibly slow.


A Marshrutka is a privately-owned minibus taxi service and probably one of the most popular ways of getting around Kiev for locals. It follows a fixed route and can be hailed at the assigned bus stops. You can order and check routes and track their movement by using the Easyway mobile app.

A trip on the Marshrutka will cost you UAH6-8 ($0.21-$0.28) and is paid only in cash, try and give the correct change as big amounts can cause problems.

It is wise to learn some Ukrainian whilst using the Marsrutka as you will need to use it when you want to get off. Shout Na Ostanovke which translates to “On The Station” and the driver will stop for you.


As well as being a great way to see the city from a vantage point the Kiev funicular also has a long history. This unusual mode of transport up to Volodymyrska Hill offers amazing views of the Dnieper river.

It take around 3 minutes to ascend or descend and its usually used to connect the historic upper town of Kiev (Mykhailivska Square) to downtown (Poshtova Square in Podil).

Tickets cost UAH3 ($0.12) per ticket and you can also use contactless payment on the barriers. The funicular is open from 07:00-22:00 on weekdays and 09:00-23:00 on weekends.

Please note that the Kiev Funicular is popular both as urban transportation for locals and as a tourist attraction so it is very popular and can be very busy.