Newcastle upon Tyne, England

For some, planning a trip is a painful exercise and trying to package everything together is a tirelessly boring task. This is why some Travel Agents make huge profits, package it all up and sell it for a profit. But it really doesn’t have to be that way.

There are many reasons why we decide to pack our bags and fly off somewhere, maybe for culture, warmth, sun, history or a once in a lifetime trip to tick that really cool thing off our bucket list. Just make sure you get the most value, not necessarily the cheapest deal.

TotalGuide is continuing to help millions of travellers per year get the most out of their trips and although there is already a huge amount of information on our website already, we thought it was best to try and help those who may be stuck for ideas on how to book a trip to Newcastle.

Start with Why?

With flights and transfers covering over 17,000 airports worldwide, travel has never been easier. You can literally pack your bags and book a flight to any one of earth’s 195 countries scattered over 7 continents. So why Newcastle?

For most visitors, Newcastle offers up a huge dose of culture and history as well as being visually stunning with with instagrammable pictures with historic bridges for a back drop. But there are other cities out there that give you to the same thing, so what is it about Newcastle that makes you want to go?

You’ll probably already know the answer to this question, but it’s an important one to ask. It’s so easy to see a great deal on a city break and jump at the chance, without giving it a second thought.

There are so many great things to do in Newcastle (Check out A TotalGuide of Attractions in Newcastle) but Baltic, Hadrains Wall, the electric nightlife and the Angel of the North are some of the most popular.

Or it could be a romantic break where you are hoping to propose to that special someone, you will want it to be perfect. If you haven’t decided on a spot then can we suggest either The Quayside next to the Tyne Bridge or further afield on one of the many stunning beaches along the North East Coast. If you’d prefer to do it over dinner then head over to our Restaurant Guide to find the perfect restaurant.

If you are planning a trip to Newcastle and you already know what you want to do then great, just make sure that you know how long it will take to see what you want to do. Que jumps or allocated times are really good so you don’t have to worry about wasting time lingering in mile-long queues (in the rain).

Whatever your reason for booking a trip to Newcastle, you won’t be disappointed.

So, when?

It seems really obvious doesn’t it, you know what you want to do in Newcastle so book your cheap flights or train tickets and pack your bags?

Sometimes timing is everything, but in Newcastle, the weather is not really guaranteed. You could plan for August and it can rain or come in April and bask in glorious Geordie sunshine.

But it is something to think about. We like to use the analogy of the Japanese blossom tree, it attracts millions of visitors per year but it’s only in bloom for two weeks in April, so if you want to see the blossom tree then you really only have a small window of opportunity to see it.

Plan and book ahead of time. You can check out weatherxxxxxx

Who’s Going?

Another important aspect to consider on your trip is who is going with you. A romantic break away as a couple will be totally different from a trip away with friends or family. Almost all of your trip will at some point revolve around who you with. From where you stay to where you eat for dinner, to what you want to see on your trip.

Couples will love Newcastle for its compact city landscape and historic streets but friends or family breaks will also be a blast, just consider what options are available to you before you go.

Don’t forget to check our Stag or Hen guides if you find yourself as the chief organiser.

There are some fantastic restaurants in Newcastle, check out our Restaurant Guide to find one that suits your company as well as your wallet.

Getting to Newcastle

From the Airport

Newcastle International Airport is located 7.5 miles from the city centre and it’s really easy to get to. The best option is to get the metro from the entrance next to the domestic arrivals exit (look for the yellow M sign) and hop onboard. The journey to Newcastle city centre (Haymarket, Monument or Central Station) takes around 25 minutes. There are trains every 12 minutes from approximately 5.44am (Sundays 6.27am) to 11.58pm.

Metro times – Click here

Metro tickets – Click here


The Airport has a dedicated taxi firm operating within the Airport called Arrow. You can pre-book a taxi or go to the desk in the terminal to book. There are also other private firms who do fixed fares to and from the city centre.

Blueline Taxis
Dean Taxis

By Car

If you have satellite navigation in your car the postcode is NE13 8BZ.

From the North
The A1 is the principal road linking to the dual carriageway A696 which leads directly to Newcastle International Airport. From Edinburgh, the A68/A696 provides a direct road to the airport.

Recent upgrades to the A74 between Glasgow and Carlisle now make the journey to Newcastle International Airport even easier.

From the South
Drive north on the A1 – the road bypasses Newcastle city centre and connects with the upgraded A696 direct to the Airport.

From the West
The A69 links with the A1 and then the A696, providing a direct route to Newcastle International Airport.

By Train

Newcastle is well connected via train courtesy of being on the East Coast Mainline which runs from Edinburgh to London.

You can find timetables here

You can find ticket prices here

By Car

If you insist on driving then we must tell you that most of Newcastle City Centre is a one-way traffic system with the added bonus of bus-only streets around the Monument. It really doesn’t tick any boxes in terms of ease, time or functionality but if you are driving and your hotel does not have access to a car park then we’d recommend you park your car on the outskirts of the city centre (it won’t be far to walk because the city is compact).

Times Square Car Park – Situated next to the Redheugh Bridge, ideal for those travelling either North or South on the A1

St James Park – (Non-match days only) (See NUFC fixture list here) – Ideal for those travelling North as its only a 15 minute drive up the central motorway to the A1

Manors Multi-Storey – Ideal for those travelling south on the A1, although it will be the busiest route taking you through Gateshead over the Tyne Bridge

Where to Stay?

It’s mind-boggling having to look through search engines trying to find the best deal on hotel rooms in Newcastle and then checking Trip Advisor for the reviews, that’s why we cut out all the hard work for you.

Each and every hotel in our TotalGuide to Hotel Rooms in Newcastle has been personally approved by TotalGuide and there is a room in there to suit every budget.

Car Hire

For those visitors who want to explore the beauty of Northumberland or surrounding areas then hiring a car is certainty the best bet. You can find great deals on hire cars through our partner here.

Local Food

You don’t want to be turned away from a great restaurant in Newcastle whilst youre visiting, so its best to plan and book ahead. Whether it’s Michelin starred or just something cheap and cheerful, you’ll want to check out our Newcastle Restaurant Guide to plan ahead and book in advance.

How much will it cost?

This, of course, depends on all the questions raised above, but we don’t want to leave you hanging so we’ve put together a guide below on costs for previous trips to Newcastle.

Prices based on 2 persons for a 2 night weekend, excluding flights

3* Hotel – £138.00 
Transfers from Airport (Metro)
– £10.00
Breakfast x 2
– £20.00
Lunch x2
– £30.00
Dinner x2
– £60.00
– £0.00
Angel of the North
– £0.00
The Victoria Tunnel
– £18.00
St James’ Park Tour
– £30.00

Total – £306.00 (£153.00 per person)

Use a currency conversion website here for a total cost in your country’s currency here