A Total Guide to Restaurants in Paris

French cuisine is some of the best in the world so when in Paris you will not have to go far to find some of the best tasting food anywhere in the world.

First we will explore some of France’s most well-known and most mouth-watering dishes which you will be able to find in Paris.

French Food

If you want to get well immersed in French culture then you must start with escargots or snails to you and me. They are traditionally cooked in garlic butter, chicken stock and wine and then served. They are truly delicious and not as bad as they may sound.

Once you have tackled the snails it may be a good idea to indulge in Foie Gras which is essentially duck or goose liver. You can also get Foie Gras Pate which is considered the king of pates and is delicious on some warm crusty french bread.

Those of you wanting to taste something less extraordinary should opt for a Croque-monsieur which is basically a baked or fried cheese and ham sandwich.

Cheese lovers will be in their element in Paris as France produces some of the finest quality cheeses in the world. There are a few really good cheese shops in central Paris, we would recommend Fromagerie Laurent Dubois or Androuet.

If there is room for dessert then you literally are spoilt for choice. There are boulangeries or patisseries all over Paris and they are simply mouth watering. If you haven’t tried a pain au chocolat then you are missing out. It is a croissant but with chocolate in the middle. If your stuck for choice, try Stohrer or Fou de Patisserie.

Where to eat

Because there is so much choice in Paris and so many different budgets, we’ve compiled a few choices for you to consider in the city of love. Be warned though Paris is notoriously expensive so what some may consider a budget restaurant, others’s jaws will hit the floor. 

If you would prefer to wander and see what restaurants there are then we suggest you head to The Latin Quarter. You will find a range of international cuisines as well as French. The Latin quarter is popular amongst visitors and has a really cool vibe to it.

You could also try out the Montmartre area. Again there is a wide range of restaurants, a lovely atmosphere, and reasonable prices. 


Baoli Bao

With good outdoor space and tasty burgers, Baoli Bao is not your average cheap burger bar. It’s an Asian, fusion burger bar and with that comes exceptionally tasty burgers, like nothing you’ve had before.

Cheap and tasty? What’s not to like for a budget meal or on the go

89 rue du Faubourg Poissonniere, 75009 Paris

Midi 12

Cheap, French food that tastes good is hard to come but luckily for you, Midi 12 combines both to give you mouthwatering food without blowing your wallet up.

Midi 12 serves up Galettes, Salads and Crepes.

12 rue la Fayette, 75009 Paris

Le 217 Brasserie

If trying snails for the first time is high on your list of things to do in Paris then you should head to Le 217 to indulge in the experience.

This wonderful French restaurant serves up some of the best French food we have tasted. The daily specials menu has always been as well as the steaks and seafood.

217 avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris


Il Etait Un Square

Another mouth watering burger joint with delicate flavours that is very much a hit with locals and tourists alike.

Serving up typically French cuisine as well as steaks, Il Etait Un Square brings simple food up a notch and leaves your very much satisfied.

Vegetarian options are available and we can vouch that the Falafel burger is delicious.

54 rue Corvisart, 75013 Paris

Via Emilia

Some would say Via Emilia isn’t the restaurant to be in if you want to propose and it can feel very un flattering, however the food is what draws in thousands of happy customers per year.

Serving regional Italian food and situated close to Montmarte, Via Emilia serves up delicious authentic Italian food without hitting your wallet.

Staff are attentive and well qualified to explain the dishes and their background. A hit if your taste buds require an Italian uplift in Paris.

22 rue la Bruyere 22 rue la Bruyère, 75009 Paris

La MiN

Looking a romantic dinner, then La MiN is definitley a great place to start.

Made with fresh seasonal ingredients, the food here is simply excellent.

The Australian Wagyu is mouthwatering as to is the rabbit served with mash potatoes, tomato confit and olives.

Select 2 courses for €29 or 3 for €35.

45 rue de Montreuil, 75011 Paris

Fine Dining


La Table de Colette




Those who are familar with wines will certainlty be in luck in most restaurants in Paris.

For those who are not but can’t come to Paris without sampling some of the country’s most famous exports should ask the waiter for their recommendations. They will be able to advise which wines complement which food that they serve.

France is notorious for great tasting wine but some of the countries most famous are not brewed within the city itself. If you would like to go on a wine tasting tour then we would recommend taking a trip to “The Garden of France” in Touraine in the Loire Valley.

Good wine is found in other areas of France such as Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Beaujolais.

For those who like the finer wines then a trip to the Champagne region would be a great place to start. The towns of Reims & Epernay are world reknowned and are the headquarters of famous brands such as Ruinart, Veuve Clicquot, Tattinger and Moët et Chandon.