Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chin Chin Club

The Chin Chin Club takes music, drinks and dancing seriously. Locals think of it as a social clubhouse, complete with a karaoke room, arcade games, a restaurant and an impressive line up of events. Three separate bars within the space shake up signature cocktails infused with the flavours of Hong Kong, London and Amsterdam, such as Sailor Moon and the Elderflower Collins.

Nestled in the basement of Rozengracht 133, Chin Chin Club is the rascal kid on the block that is set to bring back life in the neighbourhood. Inspired by the bustling (nightlife) culture of Hong Kong where it is natural to sing karaoke at any time of the day, where youngsters spent more time playing games than sports, and where to eat and drink is always THE matter of the moment. Combining these elements with the party lifestyle of Amsterdam, the birth of Chin Chin Club was only a matter of time.

Chin Chin Club is our interpretation of a social clubhouse. A total concept that houses a restaurant, three different bars, a karaoke-joint and a nightclub. Multiple mini concepts brought together in a multi-roomed venue with multiple experiences under one roof. This is also reflected in the name, when translated in Chinese it says “千千級”, which means ‘thousand, thousand layers’.

Our promise is to offer our guests a careless night out. Start off in our Asian inspired restaurant and smoothly flow into our daily changing (club) night programme with astonishing entertainment. At Chin Chin Club you don’t have to move from venue to venue (while the group becomes slimmer) to experience an incredible night out.

‘Chin Chin’ is essentially the most cheerful sound we wish to hear in our club, the sound of laughter and clinking glasses.