Newcastle upon Tyne, England

The TotalGuide Hen Weekend

Newcastle has consistently been voted in the top five hen destinations in Europe and rightly so. It’s energetic, friendly, fun-loving and there is something for everyone. Whether it’s an all day session on the drink followed by food or a laid back, good food kinda weekend you’re after, then we have it covered.

Where you’ll be laying your head for the night is equally as important. Nobody wants a cheap room on an industrial estate with the added bonus of a £20 return taxi fare to think of at the end of the night. Why not stay in the epicentre of nightlife and find your way home by taking the scenic route through some of the UK’s most architecturally profound streets?

We know what it’s like. How do you get 10 girls all to agree on the same thing? there’s too much choice and you know Sarah will always be able to find something better and cheaper, or Laura who couldn’t give a monkeys nut where he stays because she’ll be sleeping in the hotel with the lad she pulled last night. But then again, It has to be comfortable for Claire, because she’ll need an early night because she can’t handle the drink.

Now as the organiser, yes that’s you darling, the power is in your hands, you can choose to give your best mate the time of her life or the worst, check out these Tattoo Shops if you want to get The Tyne Bridge tattooed on you (WhooHoo!). But seriously, if you’re all wanting a weekend to remember, then keep on reading.

We’ll split it all up into 3’s (Budget, Good and Luxury) so you can pick and choose to suit your budgets and to accommodate the others.

Where to stay?
If all you want is a bed for the night then check out (XXXXXXX) it’s clean comfortable and is within walking distance of all the bars and clubs in Newcastle. You’ll be right next to (XXXX) so you can all meet in there whilst waiting for Alex to sort her hair out. Prices start from £XX

Another great location and with a free breakfast included (for the hangover) is the (XXXXXXX) it’s got cracking reviews, nice big rooms and is slap bang in the middle of the city. Why not check out the (POOLXXX) when you’re there? Prices start from £XX

And if you’re wanting to splash the cash, then the XXXX or XXXX offer 5* accommodation, free breakfasts, plush decor will make the hangover just that little bit more comfortable. Prices start from £XX

Let us do the hard work for you and book your hen weekend with us here, tell us what activities you want to do and we’ll do the rest. Book as a group, pay a deposit, and then let everyone else pay the balance themselves. Everyone in the group will also receive a TotalGuide City Pass for free with their booking. All you need to do is turn up.

A hen do isn’t the same without a bit of excess blood pumping whilst sweating out some of the 12 pornstar martini’s from the night before. Why not team up and go head to head at Battlezone Laser the ultimate laser tag experience in the North East? From just £6.00 a head, get the adrenaline pumping in a unique urban battle environment here.

Maybe all that running around and damaging your nails and eyelashes seems too extreme so why not check out our helpful guide to Spa Days in Newcastle? Take advantage of discounts and return transport.

In the summer seasons, fruit picking at Brocksbushes can be theraputic and chilled out. Why not book with TotalGuide and have your own picnic arranged as well as return transport to and from this idylic farm in Corbridge on the outskirts of Newcastle?

Another popular activity for our hens is Cocktail making classes. It’s perfect for the late afternoon as an ice breaker, pre-drink session to get everyone in good spirits. There are many on offer but XXXX do a XXXXX from just £XXX per head

Afternoon Tea has skyrocketed in appeal in the last few years and why not. Forget the tea if you want and drink bubbles instead. It’s a great way to get to know everyone whilst doing what we girls love most, chatting. XXXX do a 5* afternoon tea including XXXX and you can add champagne for just £XXX extra per head. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper then why not try XXXX where they do an afternoon tea from just £XXX per head.

Getting to and from activities can be a chore, that’s why if you book direct with us, we’ll include return transport for you and your party in the price. One less thing to worry about eh?

Another favourite is Bubble Football. This new craze has taken off and the best part of it is that you can all punish the hen and sing chants such as “You don’t know what you’re doing” whilst running at full force into each other. Fun eh? Bubble Football costs around £XX a head and if you need transport too, click here to pre-book.

If all that seems a little bit predictable and you girls are the active types then why not squeeze into a harness and take for the treetops at GoApe? This purpose built high rope course set in the idyllic Northumberland countryside is something different. You’ll swing in the trees like Tarzan, slide down zip lines (very fast) as well as telling the hen she has to do the nerve racking Tarzan Swing. You’ll definitely be ready for a Gin & Tonic afterwards. Prices start from £33.00 per person but luckily for you, we’ve managed to bag some discount and bundle it in with return transport from your hotel for just £39.00 per head.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite and you fancy getting, well, wet, then why not take on the waves with white water rafting in the Tees Barrage at Air Trail? Amongst other things, Air Trail offers 37 other unique challenges including tight ropes, cargo nets, swinging stepping stones all floating high above the River Tees. This place is located on the River Tees in Stockton beside Middlesbrough meaning it takes an hour to get there, If you don’t have transport then TotalGuide does a return journey from your hotel and includes entry from £35.00.

Closer to home, how does climbing sound? Climb Newcastle offers groups the chance to test their nerves at great heights while also giving you the chance to tense those glutes before a night out on the tiles. Prices start from £9.99.

Getting to and from activities can be a chore, that’s why if you book directly with us, we’ll include return transport for you and your party in the price. One less thing to worry about eh?

If all of that nonsense still doesn’t appeal to you and you just fancy some old fashioned tomfoolery then why not check out Lane 7. This old car garage turned into an X lane bowling alley in XXXX and has been a hit ever since. You can drink while you play as well as grab a lite lunch or dinner afterwards with a mouth watering menu including XXXXXX. Lane 7 also has XXXX if you want to try something else afterwards. Prices start from £XXXX

Miniature golf is always a favourite but have you ever played Ghetto Golf ? This golf course is like no other, it’s covered in graffiti, XXX and you may (or may not) find the odd dildo laying around. It’s great fun and we’re sure your hen will love you for it. 1 hours play starts from just £12.99. You can

And if all that still doesn’t give you flutters, then why not take your team and go all Richard O’Brien on your friends and take them to Never Give Up. It’s like the Crystal Maze but without the huge dome. Take on the challenge of an escape room in a live action adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Its great fun, laid back and with prices starting at £XXXX it’s easy on the pocket.

You don’t have to go far to find a superb breakfast in Newcastle. And if your hotel doesn’t cater Full English or continental then check out our helpful guide here.

Sometimes on a hen do we forget to eat, or we simply can’t get out of bed for it. But if you are and if you can then we’ve already come up with a handy guide here to feed you some inspiration. Get it?

This might be the only time you girls are all together so making sure its spot on is everything. Deciding where to go, what to have and catering to Lauren’s Vegan dietary requirements can be a bit of a headache. So whether you’re looking for fine dining, cheap eats or the finest local produce, we have you covered.

And then here we have it, the Pièce de résistance the part everyone has been training hard for. The night out. The good news for you is that Newcastle is compact, you can walk from one end to the other in 20 minutes and in that space, there are about 150 establishments serving alcohol. A good night out depends on a lot of things and trying to keep everyone happy is almost impossible. So to give you an idea we’re going to split it up (again)

To make your weekend extra special we have partnered up with local bars, nightclubs, restaurants and activity places to offer you exclusive discounts. Use The TotalGuide City Pass in any of the participating venues to get 25% off your bill. The TotalGuide City Pass is all you need to get the very best out of this city without breaking the bank.

Grey Street
Once voted the most beautiful street in Britain, Grey Street is also a great place to relax at the end of a hard day hanging upside down. Prices are on the steeper side here as Grey Street and the surrounding areas cater to the sophisticated drinker. You can find fancy cocktails at either The Botanist or The Alchemist, chow down on tapas and gin at Dacantus, or take in the vibrant late bar scene at Bar Luga, Harry’s or Pleased to meet you.

Bigg Market
Once upon a time, the Bigg Market was the place everyone warned you about, it was lively, in your face, loud and the local’s playground for a “night out on the lash”. Fortunately for you, It’s changing. Dirty old toilets and Makina playing nightclubs have given way to fancy cocktail bars and posh rum joints. Still, it’s a great night out and it’s around the corner from “The Diamond Strip”

Diamond Strip
So the Diamond Strip is actually located on Collingwood Street. There are 5 late bars & nightclubs along one short street and it’s where all the young trendy live for the weekend types hang out. Think of dark rooms, private sitting areas and magnums of vodka & champagne. It is expensive and you should be expected to pay on the door to get in. If you’re wanting to book a table check out HOUSE OF SMITH, MADAME KOOS, FLORITAS OR REVOLUTION.

If you want a dance floor table or VIP access to the best clubs in Newcastle then book here

The quayside is where your old uncle will tell you tales of his “night out in the toon” from days gone by, but it’s all changed. Its vibrant, cool and has the best views of Newcastle. If it’s a nice day, the Pitcher & Piano is popular as to is the posh nightclubs Aveika & Livello at night.

This is for the Real Ale drinkers and the ones who aren’t really looking for too much nonsense. Check out our guide here if you like your real ale. The Ouseburn Valley is a stones throw away from the bustling city centre but has all the charm and scenery you need to fall in love. The Ouseburn is a leafy little piece of Newcastle that serves up some of the best national and local real ales on offer. You can catch live bands at The Cluny, Chill out at The Tyne Bar and take in the best view of Newcastle from the Free Trade Inn. It really is a brilliant spot.

Central Station
The beauty of this area of the city is that it’s always buzzing. Simply because it’s next to the mainline railway route from Edinburgh to London. Central Station is popular with the day drinkers coming from Durham & York to the south and Morpeth, Alnwick, and even Edinburgh to the north. The Centurion is a good start and with Revolution, The Waiting Rooms and The Gunner Tavern all in staggering distance, it would be rude not too.

Are you travelling by train? Do you want to book transport to take you straight to your hotel? We have discounted rates available, book your transfer here