Newcastle upon Tyne, England

World Headquarters

Make no mistake, there is nowhere else even remotely like World Headquarters and if you are visiting Newcastle from outside the area, it’s quite simply a must see.

Black, white, gay, straight, religion or lack of it… This is Newcastle’s top & longest running underground Club. WHQ is located in Carliol Square away from the packed streets of Collingwood Street and so is separate from the rest of the city and do their own unique thing.

It’s Newcastle’s only independent, truly underground, word of mouth, musically driven Club & is laid out over the lower 2 floors of Curtis Mayfield House on Carliol Square.

Upstairs, with its game changing ‘Sound System Of Dreams’ & jaw dropping wall murals, is where it’s at for all the 360° bump ‘n’ hustle, block party action you’ll ever need. Downstairs is a laid back, lovely, leather couchy, versatile live lounge & clubbing venue, with flexible staging.